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"Why do I feel like crap but my doc says I'm fine?"
I Want Answers

We see you. We hear you. We believe you.



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We figure out WHY you feel like crap, what you need to do & the ANSWERS you've been looking for.

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Your progress hits a new level, you're able resolve issues faster, results come quicker.

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You're feeling great! You know how to prevent setbacks & stay the course. You are better.

The patients who seek us out are typically highly intelligent women and families dealing with health issues that are not being properly addressed by the medical community. They feel overlooked, dismissed, patronized and ignored by traditional western medicine.


They've been told it's "in their head" or to "just smile more" or that even though they feel awful their "labs are fine". They don't want to just swallow a pill or be told to "get over it" and they want to be a part of the solution. They want to understand the problem and they want ANSWERS.





Clinical Director

I know PAIN, frustration & what it feels like to be the patient not getting answers. 


I know the suffering of physical injury and the heartache of a wounded psyche. 


I know the frustration of doctors not providing solutions that look at me as a whole. I know that being a busy, over-achiever doesn't make you feel loved. I know that telling someone to smile when they feel like they're dying inside should be outlawed.


I also know that there ARE answers, solutions and hope! You can feel healthy and happy - it's never too late.

We have an AMAZING Team of Practitioners that you will love - get to know them HERE.



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Schedule a NO CHARGE CONSULT with one of our health coaches to get your questions answered! This is an opportunity to find out more about Functional Medicine, Body Love Clinic, and what to expect working with our team of practitioners.


This is a great way to decide if the BLC Functional Medicine approach is the right fit for you.


L. A.

Amazing!! And life changing! Everyone there is great and super helpful.  I have been battling infections for awhile and decided I didn't want to keep taking antibiotics for it. Dr. B has put me through a course of supplements and diet changes and lifestyle changes and my labs are improving each time! 

M. C.

Can’t say enough good things about the staff at Body Love Cafe. I’ve been seeing Dr. Zachary since August and I have lost 17 pounds, feel so much better and have a plan for continued improvement with my auto immune disease. I have learned so much from her and I am so happy with the individual attention that all the staff have given me. It is a very positive environment and I would recommend it to anyone!

D. B.

Very impressed with the knowledge shared with me regarding the results of my GI Map. I've never experienced such an in-depth test or analysis by a doctor. I've been doing research and have been trying things on my own for a long time butI'm so grateful to have this new approach based on actual test results! I'm very excited to start the recommended supplements and to start feeling better! Thank you so much Dr. Zachary!

K. R.

Shelise has been so thorough and helpful with me! And then yesterday she went above and beyond for my daughter. My tween daughter never feels instantly comfortable with anyone or any situation and today Shelise was so patient and spent so much time to connect with her. I had told Shelise some things about my sensitive daughter in advance, and she took it all to heart. My daughter left the appointment raving about Shelise and actually excited about her protocol, and my heart is so full and grateful. Body Love Cafe has always had the best people, and clearly they keep hiring more amazing people. Thank you Shelise, thank you team BLC, and thanks Dr. Zachary for leading the way!!

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